Plant Supervisors and Operators, San Antonio, Texas

The role


FluidOil is looking for skilled plant supervisors and operators to maintain and operate our Feedstock Test Facility, located in San Antonio, Texas, under the direction of and in conjunction with staff from Southwest Research Institute.

We are seeking two Shift Supervisors and two experienced Plant Operators. By leading or supporting a shift crew, you will ensure the stable operation of the pilot plant and allow for the primary goal of the plant, namely the collection of extensive process and operational data.

The pilot plant is currently operated under a two-shift regime with the new positions being created to allow a three-shift regime. The plant typically runs for two weeks (not weekends) before it undergoes a maintenance week. This means that shift work is typically completed during a normal working week. The shift roster is rotated so that all operators are expected to work both day and night shifts.

The initial role will be for 12 weeks under a contract for services with FluidOil in the UK. Permanent employment contracts can be discussed under the right circumstances.


FluidOil is offering a competitive market rate salary, plus overtime.

Key Responsibilities

  • Operation of pilot plant according to operation procedures
  • Make operational decisions based on the control program output
  • Handling of oil when charging or draining the system
  • Inspection and maintenance/repair of pumps, heat exchangers and other process equipment
  • Fix issues that might occur during the shift
  • Partake in further maintenance activities while the plant is shut down
  • Installation of new equipment and modifications of existing equipment
  • Maintain activity logs

Candidate Requirements

A successful pilot plant operator will be reliable, have a strong attention to detail and above all, will complete all of their work with the highest regard for safety. The nature of the work will require an inquisitive mind with a willingness to continually learn and adapt as operational and safety procedures evolve. The overall success of the project requires strong teamwork with a high degree of individual responsibility. In addition, the successful candidates are expected to demonstrate the following:

  • Proven experience as a plant operator (ideally in the oil industry) and a good understanding of typical oil plant operating systems
  • Mechanical aptitude to work with process equipment and piping
  • Understanding of fluid flows, gas flows and pressures
  • Experience with safety procedures and personal protection equipment typically used in an oil processing plant

It should be noted that this is an R&D facility and as such, job descriptions cannot be exhaustive. The post holder may be required to undertake other duties, which are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.

Reports to

  • Overall: FluidOil Senior Process Engineer
  • At the FTF (day to day): Southwest Research Institute Project Lead

FluidOil values diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity